Room and Room Tag Creation

I have noticed that as a project develops one of the major hurdles is file lag and response time. For instance, adding rooms and room tags can take quite a bit of time. Sometimes adding a new room or room tag to a view the application will cycle through a series of renderings. I find it difficult to believe Revit would take this long to add a tag to a room that already exists.

I tried taking the structural model and uncheck the Room Bounding value (Element Properties/Edit Type/ Constraints/Room Bounding Column/Value Column) but that did not speed up the process. The Generating Graphics bar at the bottom left continued to drag and hold, which is what I expected.

Second, I tried un-checking the Visibility of the links in Visibility Graphics (Visibility Graphics/Revit Links Tab/Visibility Column); this did not work either. The Generating Graphics Bar continued to spool through a bunch of files and views, but they didn’t stick around long enough for me to understand.

Finally, I decided to close all hidden windows and see what would happen.

Voila!, Huzzah!, Success!

TLDR; Keep It Simple Stupid. Revit is complex, it’s usually the simple things that hold people up. Remember to Close Hidden Windows on a regular basis.