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299 Days: The 17th Irregulars by Glen Tate

By Glen Tate

In many ways, post-Collapse lifestyles at Pierce element resembles the each day normalcy that furnish and others nonetheless was hoping may go back. The group is prepared and buzzing alongside easily, the younger men at the group are partnering off with neighborhood "Team Chicks," and Grant's daughter has chanced on a boyfriend. for many, the recent truth has been approved and a relaxed, self-sustaining groove is environment in.

For others, even though, existence is way from common. detailed Forces Ted returns with a suggestion that can't be refused. within the blink of a watch, provide Matson has one other name he can upload to father-of-the-year and prepper-in-chief: Lieutenant furnish Matson, Commander of the seventeenth Irregulars. provide and the workforce are whisked away to Marion Farm, the place they are going to educate civilians and be taught to develop into a unique squad in a distinct Forces guerrilla staff. The slower, uncomplicated existence at Pierce element is ready to vanish to make approach for a neighborhood that's well-trained and battle-ready, posed to struggle the Loyalist competition. This can't take place speedy sufficient, notwithstanding. Gangs are becoming progressively and the govt. is changing into a much bigger hazard to freedom and the kingdom. Violence is popping into a regular prevalence outdoor of Pierce aspect and it's only a question of time sooner than the peaceable neighborhood might want to defend itself from exterior hazards. furnish feels the burden on his shoulders as he now must guard not only his relations, however the whole group, and doubtless, all of Washington State.

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