LEED: Marketing Ploy or Doing Good?

USA Today Today: In U.S. building industry, is it too easy to be green?

What are your thought about the LEED program? Do you feel the program has been successful in making our built environment a ‘greener’ place? Do you feel that a non-profit company that banks on registering new projects and professionals taking exams is the right entity to drive government tax breaks?

As a LEED Associated Professional, I have often thought some of the same things talked about in this article. A previous firm I worked at marketed themselves as being able to provide Certification level services for any building as an inherent part of their design process. They were able to position themselves as ‘Green Designers’ despite the fact that they were essentially buying points.

The above article has done some analysis about the stock of over 7,000 LEED certified buildings. Definitely worth a read!