Crowd Sourced Education – Educate yourself in Real Time

There is an incredible collection of resources and data available for anyone that wants to learn and improve their skills. This goes way beyond how to operate the software. I’m talking about leveraging the experience of those that have this stuff out before us. There are two types of resources out there: static and fluid.

When referring to static resources, I am referring to things like blogs, help sites and user forums. Below are a handful of links that you may already know about:

Autodesk User Group Online (AUGI)

Revit Forum Online (RFO)

Autodesk WikiHelp

Autodesk University Recorded Sessions

Those sites are good for general, beginner info more then anything. You have to dig to find the good nuggets, the tricks that save you hours of screwing up. A lot of time the forums have old or outdated information, you may never get someone to respond or the answers you do find are not quite right.

A better solution? Social media!

IT blocked Twitter? Get them to unblock it ASAP!

Here is a small portion of a ‘Troubleshooting Conversation’ that I had last week:

That conversation happening in basically real time. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media resources are extremely fluid and real time. There is an incredible amount you can learn on a daily basis from a Twitter stream. Not only that, you can leverage your Tweeps to troubleshoot a problem, engage in great ‘BIM-bates’ and find work-arounds that aren’t documented anywhere else. New to Twitter? Don’t know who to follow for the good stuff? Here is a list of ‘Revit Tweeps’ to get you started!

Of course, give us a shout out on Twitter! ( @jrostar @MattBeNimble

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Finally, if you are stuck and looking for answers, don’t be afraid to ask! Post a question on any of the Forums above, Send someone a message on Twitter, check out some groups on LinkedIn.

Any other Social Media tips? List them below!